Tomb of Ashurta


Tomb of ashurta

This tomb, located far below Sharn in the Cogs, is the final resting site of the mighty Dhakaani Hero Ashurta. It was here that the first piece of the Ashen Crown was found, and the deadly fight begun between the Pantzers and Demise which culminated weeks later in the Tomb once more. The Pantzers succesfully beat their competitor and performed the Rite of Arkentaash within the Tomb to reunite the Crown.

Ashurta’s Tomb is notable for its finely preserved Dhakaani architecture, as being the critical site for the performance of the Rite of Arkentaash, and as being the location in which an entire team of Morgrave University undergraduates were hideously murdered during a field-trip. Their parents have set up a small remembrance shrine outside of the tomb, while the tomb itself has been sealed and guarded by the University and the Pantzers for further… uninterrupted study.

Tomb of Ashurta

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