The Papers


-Wayfarer’s Survival Monthly

The Wayfarer’s Survival Monthly brings you only the best, most useful, most timely information on topics concerning to every explorer. What to eat in the jungles of Q’barra, where to sleep on a winter’s night in the Demon Wastes, where to stick a Kruthik to put it down for good. This and much much more! Subscription comes at half-price for Wayfarer members and contributors. The Wayfarer Institute takes no responsibility regarding the use of any and all information provided and does not guarantee its effectiveness. The Institute accepts no liability for any injuries resulting through affiliation with, reading of, or writing for any of its publications.

-Morgrave Destinations Quarterly

Let the expert travelers of Morgrave University help guide you through exotic locals with a minimum of threat to life and limb! Learn about traditional cuisines, availability of accommodations, and what to bring with on your adventures. Articles are categorized by the sophistication appropriate for the traveler to any given local ranging from Utterly Safe, to Possibly Fatal.

-Morgrave Archeology Irregular

Trade journal detailing the latest discoveries in the field of archaeology. Contributions are not restricted to Morgrave affiliated parties. Typical articles contain numerous sketches, diagrams, maps, and sometimes even multi-color prints.

-Korranberg Questioner

One of the more popular dailies in Korranberg, the Questioner is known for its expansive Editorial and Opinions section, and for hosting frequent follow-up forum discussions on particularly contentious and timely articles.

-Sharn Daily

The only paper that seeks to cover all of Sharn, and no more, the Sharn Daily serves as the de-facto record of note in Sharn. Rigorous editorial standards ensures that the contents of the paper remain as neutral as possible. The Sharn Daily tells you the facts, and lets you decide.

-Middle Landing Local

All the latest news in your neighborhood, brought to your doorstep twice-weekly.

The Papers

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