Sharn city of towers

Great Sharn, Jewel of Breland, and mightiest city in Khorvaire. Sharn is by a wide margin the largest, busiest, and most famous city in Khorvaire. Rising impossibly tall the boast of South-Eastern Breland, Sharn was large even before it began to grow vertically. Today the city soars hundreds of stories into the air, its tallest district scraping the very clouds. The city extends below the ground as well, in the Cogs, an area of great industry speckled with the ancient ruins of previous eras.

Modern Sharn boasts locations such as Morgrave University, one of the pre-eminent centers of learning in Khorvaire. It also boasts the Pantzer Compound, a rising hot-spot for adventurers in their off-hours.

The Pantzer’s began their relationship with Sharn during the search for the Ashen Crown, beginning and ending in the Tomb of Ashurta far below in the Cogs.



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