Nk tyrrak

A mysterious Xoriat-built fortress somewhere in the mines beneath Graywall. Nk’Tyrrak contains a working interplanar portal connecting it in sequence to Dolurrh, Xoriat, and Thelanis. The Pantzers were forced into the complex by Xorchytlik, as he was unable to enter thanks to elaborate Gatekeeper wardings. There they uncovered various treasures including an Orb that could see into the Realm of Shadow (which Xorchytlik took), and even complete plans for the creation of dreamforged.

The Pantzers met the fortress’ guardian, a shardmind of some power, on their way out, and entrusted the destabalizing secrets of the dreamforged plans with him. Gustavus claims that he handed over all copies of the plans he made at that time.


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