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Welcome to the Pantser Wiki! Please take some time to poke through our Adventure Logs or Characters tab if you’re curious as these represent the most up-to-date content. Items without current importance are marked with an asterisk.

Countries of Note in Campaign
Breland – Pantzer HQ located here
Droaam – Six Kings, Graywall, and Nk’Tyrrak located here *

Population Centers of Note in Campaign
Graywall – Nk’Tyrrak located here *
Sharn – Pantzer HQ, Morgrave University, Tomb of Ashurta located here

Dungeons/Locations of Note in Campaign
Mysterious Dragonmark Tower
Morgrave University
Nk’Tyrrak *
Pantzer Compound
Six Kings
Tomb of Ashurta *

Regular Power Players
Dark Lanterns – Brelish secret service
Kech Volaar – Wordbearer tribe of goblinoids, to which Grovaan belongs
Kech Sharaat – Swordbearer tribe of goblinoids, enemies of the Pantzers
Weird things that happened to/about PC characters

Quick and Dirty Cheat Sheet for Eberron

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