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The ‘nation’ of Droaam was announced shortly before the end of the Last War by a trio of powerful hags. Since its inception the hags have been trying to achieve diplomatic recognition to little avail. Within Droaam, a lightly settled nation of monsters, monstrous humanoids, and dark places, little occurs outside the watchful gaze of the hags or their warlords.

Xorchytlik, a mindflayer, rules the border city of Graywall. The Pantzers encountered him on their quest to complete the Ashen Crown, during which they excavated their way into an ancient hobgoblin tomb, and where then forced to delve into Nk’Tyrrak as penance by Xorchytlik. They retrieved a sphere granting the ability to see into the shadow-realms for Xorchytlik, the impact of which has yet to be determined.


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