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Darguun was born during the War through what most in the Five Nations consider a dark betrayal. The native hobgoblins had for years been serving as mercenaries for the various warring parties, when a leader rose among them: [[:Lesh Haruuc]]. This charismatic and forward looking hobgoblin rallied numerous tribes to his banner and announced the annexation of Southern Cyre as a new hobgoblin homeland, the first since the fall of the Dhakaani Empire.

Lesh Haruuc has grown old, but it seems that his great works will live on. Amazingly his son, long-thought dead, re-emerged in the company of a powerful group of adventurers called the Pantzers. Acquiring Dhakhaani relics of great power and imperial significance, they set the stage for Harun to make claim to his father’s seat. The Kech Sharaat disagreed, raising a mighty levy against the Lesh.

Summoning his comrades once more, Harun made ready for war. A mighty host filled with powerful allies was assembled, bringing the Dhakhaani clans of the Wordbearers and Silent Ones into the fold, as well as mysterious mechanical allies and even troops from faraway Droaam. Leading this host were none other than the Pantzers. A fierce battle was waged along the western edge of the capital, Rhukan Draal, with the enemy army destroyed almost to a man.

The era of relative peace that Lesh Haruc presided over appears to have been the first glimmers of a bright future for Darguun, now finally united in truth as well as in name. The Darguuni neighbors jostle for position in this new Darguun, including Breland, Zilargo, Valinar, and the Talenta Plains. Crucial to the fighting, the Dragonmarked Houses too see an increased role finally available to them, as the resources and markets of Darguun are likely to only grow safer for their agents and trade.

The Lesh Harun dynasty is further strengthened by the Pantzer’s efforts to gather the great relics of the Dhakaani Emperors, the Ashen Crown, the Scepter of Authority, and the Sword of Kings. Some would have it that the Pantzers were acting under direction from friendly foreign powers, though time will tell if this is true and if those powers stand to profit from their surreptitious actions.


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