Last time Gustavus died (in Tomb of Ashurta) he melted into grey goo. The puddle came back to life shortly thereafter, or something, and Gustavus was resurrected by Olaakki. Or… something. More recently Gustavus turned into Harun Sharaat, an angry hobgoblin claiming to be the heir to Dhakhaan. Harun has since taken on a life of his own, seen acting quite separately from Gustavus, so perhaps this whole Gustavus is Harun thing was simply a ruse.

Gronk had quite a little conversation with a mindflayer, and the party found evidence that Xoriat was building warforged soon afterwards. Odd how Gronk is covered in runes of madness. Furthermore, Gronk has re-emerged from his Darguuni adventures with a markedly different approach to adventuring, now sporting heavy armor and a wicked blade.

Weird little gnome showed up knowing more than he should about our past encounters.


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