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Breland is the south-eastermost of the Five Nations, a powerful diplomatic and military entity, Breland is positioned strongly in the post-war period. Known for its industrious and independent population, Breland has made the best of the recent peace and is currently enjoying a boom-time.

Important campaign sites within Breland include the city of Sharn, which houses the Pantzer Compound, Morgrave University, and the Tomb of Ashurta.

Breland has a strained relationship with Droaam, which the Brelish see as stolen territory. To the East, Breland houses the largest concentration of Cyran refugees in the city of New Cyre. Their troubles cause a certain tension, despite the fact that only Breland was at all supportive of the Cyran survivors. Eastern Breland is also troubled by the threat of Darguun and its unstable political situation.


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