Karruk's Circlet

This mithral and gold headband enhances your knowledge and forges an unseen link between the scattered fragments of the Ashen Crown


Price: 5,000 gp
Item Slot: Head
Property: You gain a +2 item bonus to Arcana checks, History checks, and Religion checks.

Power (Daily): Effect: You can use a Detect Object effect (as the ritual; PH 303) to know the distance and direction to any one fragment of the Ashen Crown. An Arcana check determines the range of the effect.

Arcana Check Result Range
9 or lower 2 miles
10–19 5 miles
20–29 15 miles
30–39 30 miles
40 or higher 60 miles

If you do not use this power to locate a particular Crown fragment, or the closest fragment is out of range, you sense the general direction to the closest fragment.


The Kech Volaar used this circlet to locate the other pieces of the Ashen Crown.

Karruk's Circlet

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