Konrad ir'Curze


Konrad is a tall young man of solid build with raven black hair cut to military style of Karrnath. Despite his well-trimmed exterior, Konrad carries a grim his piercing dark eyes enhanced farther. This grim outshines the noble bearing he also carries in abundance.

During the Last War, Konrad Curze sported a dreadful appearance matching the legion he served. He was armored in blacken chainmail and a skull faced full helm bone white with crimson wings. His tabard and shield carry the legion’s insignia. A fine Karrn blade completed his appearances.

Now, Konrad normally prefers Karrnathi army dress uniform and his opal studded signet ring when not in battle gear. He wears only a long overcoat of hide and a simple shield into battle. He wields the same Karrn blade, but it shines with more radiance than ever before. In his pack, he carries a bone white mask, which he rarely wears. It serves as a replacement for the full helm that was once his face known to friends and foes alike, and as a reminder of lessons in bloodshed he should never forget.

Konrad has recently been promoted to the formal position as Ambassador of Karrnath to Darguun. An embassy is being built by their grateful King for his use.


Defender of Goodwill: Since the end of the Last War, Konrad ir’Curze has been performing missions of goodwill. Konrad travels widely as a career soldier loyal to the Karrnathi crown. He is tasked like many others to improve the perception of Karrnath. Graduated from the famous Rekkenmark Academy, this nobleman has a strong sense of duty, honor, and tactics. He intends to wield them in maintaining the peace his King desires. As a member of the Order of Rekkenmark, he works to spread the glory of Karrnath.

Konrad ir'Curze

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