Gydd Nephret - Deceased

Morgrave Professor, Patron of the Pantsers, and all cougar Nerd-Babe


Prof. Gydd Nephret is famed professor at Morgrave, beginning her stunning career with the publication of her seminal article, “Stick it Where the Sun Don’t Shine, Defense and Offence against Giants and other Large Miscreants.” Since the heady days of her early career she has calmed down somewhat, and has recently been spending more time studying artifacts at Morgrave than bravely unearthing them in the field.

The good professor’s house was recently ransacked by unknown parties, most of whom were dispatched by her colleagues the Pantsers. Her current where-abouts are unknown, though it is rumored that she has gone into seclusion to put the finishing touches on an exciting triple-paper on a legendary Dhakaani artifact.

Gydd Nephret - Deceased

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