Gustavus Alarich ir'Brand

Hero and all-around good guy


Gustavus is the Hero of our adventure as he seeks to delve into the mysterious past and generally fight the good fight. Of course heroes need to eat, so he does take the odd inquisitive job from time to time.

Khoot! Khoot! Karrnath!

Of course Gustavus isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Lately a lot of odd things have been happening around him. For starters he has a rather suspicious knowledge of Adbarran geography, customs, and art. He also has a striking distaste for the Kech Volaar, or Wordbearer, tribe of Dhakaani hobgoblins. Both of these pale in the face of what happened when Gustavus was killed while exploring the long lost Ashurta’s Tomb in the depths of Sharn. Which was only slightly more odd than how Gustavus walked himself to his own resurrection ritual. In turn, that was only slightly less odd than when Gustavus randomly turned into the long-lost heir to Darguun, Harun Sharaat. But hey, roll streetwise punk.


Gustavus was born to the noble Karrnath family of Brand. This venerable family has been documented as fighting for both Galifer I and even Karrn the Conqueror. The line has remained unbroken, if somewhat diminished, through all these years. Currently a family of middling importance in Karrnath, the Brand family sees its road back to prominence through loyal service to the crown. Nearly all of the last three generations of Brand men are Rekkenmark trained, and many served with distinction in the Last War.

Within Rekkenmark itself, the Brand names shines brightly with several instructors, a dean of students, and the previous headmaster having belonged to this house. Gustavus followed in his father’s footsteps by enrolling in the Rekkenmark Academy, studying Advanced Intelligence Procedures, and Urban Tactics. Having graduated with top marks, Gustavus was initially assigned the roll of forward observer for Fort Zombie. Before mustering out Gustavus was requested by the diplomatic core as an attache with military insight to help with a special assignment in Breland.

During the Brelish mission Gustavus was presumed lost when he ventured into the then-newly appeared Mournland to scout it for his superiors. He was found some months later on the northern border near Karrlakton and provided some of the very first insights into the Mournland for Karrnath. Subsequent to his debrief he was given an honorable discharge.

Since his discharge Gustavus worked a number of odd jobs around the kingdom, finally settling with a group of like-minded individuals in Sharn as a mercenary outfit. Naming themselves the Brotherhood of the Pants, then quickly renaming themselves the Pantzers, they have recently taken an interest in archeology, with Gustavus publishing papers detailing their finds.

The incredible success of the Pantzers has been cleverly parlayed by Gustavus to found a growing and vibrant adventurer’s association centered around the growing Pantzer Compound.

Gustavus Alarich ir'Brand

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