Kech Volaar Scout, works for Yerra


Grovaan was rescued from a band of vicious Droaamite marauders by the Pantsers, and then given the gift of free lectures on stealth and scouting from Gustavus and Glint. The ungrateful wretch felt that this was unnecessary, and was later trounced quite pathetically in an honour match with Gustavus. Hopefully this plucky goblinoid will learn to respect and learn from his superiors, instead of scorning their good natured help. As it is, the Pantzers consider him good for little else than finding ambushes and drawing fire though he has grown remarkably in their company and they may yet be changing their minds.

Grovaan was working for Yerra, but after Yerra and the rest of Grovaan’s goblin party was murdered by Demise he decided to hitch his cart to the Pantzers for a while.


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