Dannae/Demise - Deceased

Death Obsessed Elf-Chick Who Got Second Place in the Race to the Ashen Crown


Demise, or her more public persona of Dannae, sought the Ashen Crown to repatriate it to Aerenal. She wasn’t very nice at all though, secretly a member of the Emerald Claw, and didn’t take no for an answer. When the Pantzers pulled way ahead in the search she murdered their Kech Volaar allies and tried to take all the pieces for herself.

Thankfully Gustavus retained a single piece of the Crown, and she was forced to meet the Pantzers in battle within the Tomb of Ashurta. The fight was tough, but it was Demise who met her demise that day.

Dannae/Demise - Deceased

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