Gustavus and Friends

S18 - The Big Payoff

Mission Notes of Agent TP:

[An extended rest is taken in the barracks]

The warforged kobolds had sealed their exit during their previous escape, and the party was forced to burn through the door. This gave their opponents ample time to prepare for the party’s entrance by interring themselves in large dragon-shaped constructs. Each construct was powered by a different form of energy. Despite the care in which the trap had been laid, the party was easily able to subdue the creatures and their war-machines, knocking two dead and forcing the rest to surrender. Konrad was particularly fierce during the fight, jumping from a 30 foot tall walkway down onto one of the dragon-constructs and ending its tirade.

[Party salvaged a poison dragon shard. 1200gp]

Hostages in hand, the party interrogated them, discovering that they had a ‘mother’ in the next room. Moving on, the next room turned out to be a massive workshop dominated by a working creation forge. Within the room the eladrin woman Jelia was found and interrogated. Halfway through the questioning a massive warforged dragon appears, calling itself Calmachia. The party then negotiate this creature down, convincing it to treat with Darguun and Cannith.

A treaty is swiftly negotiated by shuttling down to Rhukan Draal and returning with representatives of Lesh Haruuc, Bombadurg, and Merrix d’Cannith, Julia d’Cannith. [The details of the treaty are in the forum].

The party is richly rewarded by Cannith [2700gp], and while returning briefly to Sharn to restock and resupply finds that Amberthorn has earned a further sum for them [210gp] while doing business from the Pantzer Compound. The party then returns to Calmachia’s lair to investigate the hobgoblin tomb that was their original destination.

[Calmachia agreed to upgrade the parties’ airship for speed and combat capability while they explore as part of the treaty.]

The tomb of Jorungal is largely plundered, but a mysterious and water filled shaft is emptied by the party, revealing further tunnels leading deeper and deeper. The party utilizes Gustavus’ skills and the bag of holding to explore far enough to find an underground cave, apparently an untouched portion of the tomb.



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