Gustavus and Friends

S17 - Hastus Away

Mission Notes of Agent TP:

[level 11 item from previous session allows non-warforged to use embedded items]

[Glint shows up with a new weapon, may have killed someone as assassination contract?]

Examination of the Brain in a Jar continues. Within the top of the casing is found a hidden compartment. The compartment holds a ring which seems to grant the wielder the ability to commune with the spirit connection to the preserved brain.

[Ring of Necromancer’s Mind, grants protection from necrotic damage, bonus to necrotic knowledge, and psychic link to Oskin Tricelath]

Konrad puts on the ring, and through it communicates with a being now of another existence, who once went by the name of Oskin Tricelath. The being claims to once have been an elf necromancer during the Dhakaani period who studied foulspawn. A hobgoblin hero named Durangal put an end to these studies, and the remains of the elf were preserved in the hero’s tomb… located not-coincidentally within the Cannith installation. The being claims that its spirit was bannished to Dolurrh using some sort of septer. In life he helped design flesh-golems, such as those found in the laboratory with the brain.

[Here we check the laboratory and find a notebook on making flesh-golems. Also the Crown is put into contact with the Ring, and they merilly discuss history with each other.]

Continuing exploration of facility, a barracks is found filled with off-duty hobgoblin troops and their lieutenant. A ruse is attempted, but fails, leading to the troops arming and redying themselves, only to be massacred when their assault is stymied in the close confines of a corridor.

Searching the barracks reveals a trap door leading further into the facility. Below the trap door is a tunnel the floor of which turns to a form of grating, while a rumbling and a glow can be seen at the end of the tunnel

[The barracks contains little of specific value, 1200gp and heaps of mundane equipment]

The party returns to Marus, advising him to flee. He declines, noting that if we fail he will not get far before being recaptured and punished.

Party concludes that most unexpected entrance to floor below is through previously trapped ramp. The ramp leads to a trapped room consisting of gratings suspended over lava. Warforged kobolds and the spirit of Hastus attack. Warforged prove ineffective, while Hastus does significant damage to party before being permanently dfeated. The warforged retreat and seal the door behind them.

[Find Hastus’ House Cannith Signet Ring]



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