Gustavus and Friends

S16 - Spin Golem Spin

Mission Notes of Agent TP:

Party explores Southern corrider, finds goblin & bugbear corpses that have been burned and blackened by magical fire. Apparently triggered old traps. A storeroom off the corridor is looted for spare warforged parts and sundry valuables.

[1300gp, level 11 item]

Corridor ends in original entrance to facility, enormous Cannith emblem worked into floor. The spirit of a Cannith forgemaster, Hastus d’Cannith, stalks the entryway and divulges that this was once a research facility; destroyed in some sort of pyroclastic attack. It states that there is a ‘Living Forge’ running in the facility, that it has allied himself with a goblin female named “Valsath,” and that it is a powerful Forge-Wraith. The spirit proved insane, trying to establish dominance over party by sacrificing a small party of undead. The party pries up the Cannith seal in retribution, pocketing it.

[41 glazed tiles in size, gave a bonus to dragonmarked characters when we found it]

Just beyond the entryway a further corridor contains a locked bedroom suite, within which resides a red-haired adventurer calling himself “Marus.” He claims that he was exploring the site with his lady friend Jellea (apparently an eladrin according to Hastus’ earlier conversation). He claimed that their intent was to reactivate the forge in secret support of Breland. The forge is capable of producing draconic homunculi in large numbers, and whatever or whoever restarted the facility is in control of quite a number of the war-machines.

The man was clearly hiding something but seemed peaceable. He also possesses a magically locked journal. The party told him to stay put in the now opened bedroom until all threats had been neutralized. Marus agreed.

A third corridor split off into a down-ward ramp filled with deadly traps, quickly disarmed by most of the party stopping the traps up with their nubby appendages, and Gustavus’ quick-thinking and deft touch. The party then looted the traps for useful components for the compound.

[Giant sickle, giant crossbow, giant spring killer top-thing, 4x pressure panels]

Past the ramp was another large chamber, this with an enormous engraved dragon-mark. Four Kech Sharaat guarded a door on the north side of the chamber. The lookouts were eliminated before they had the chance to raise an alarm, and a wire-mesh net was appropriated from the ramp traps and placed over the door that was so poorly guarded. The party then falsely called out for ‘relief from duty,’ and a goblin artificer walked out of the door, dodged the clumsily built net-trap, and then was efficiently slaughtered. His handiwork, a flesh golem and one of the dragon homunculi quickly followed.

Past the door the party found a large workshop, seemingly dedicated to the construction of flesh golems. The party secured all movable valuables and an ancient brain in a jar labeled ‘Oskin Trisaleth.’ The brain was then installed in Gronk’s chest.

[+1100gp 1 rare level 10]



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