Gustavus and Friends

S15 - Travel is Broadening

Mission Notes of Agent TP:

Neighbors upstairs question disturbance. Gustavus tells them abbreviated story, recruits them into Pantzers. Party identifies attackers as Kech Sharaat recruits led by a Bugbear sergeant. Attack pattern consistent with Kech Sharaat tactics, but poorly implemented.

Party returns to Citadel, negotiates with Capt. Kalaes. Mission is accepted to return Ashen Crown to Kech Volar. The captain notes that the Sharaat have increased military activities and are pressing clans into their service.

Party confers with Grovaan, who is convinced to lead them to Kech Volar contact in Rhukan Draal identified in Yerra’s journal. Party flies to Rhukan Draal, makes contact with one Seer Huugan. It is revealed that the Kech Sharaat possess the Sword of Kings, which in addition to the Crown, and the lost Rod, are ancient symbols of Dhakaani power. Seer reports that Sharaat are working in concert with “Metal Dragons,” some sort of automata.

The party reassembles the Crown to question it regarding its sibling artifacts. It suggests canvassing tombs of certain eras. A course is set for a tomb near Zartek where the Crown’s ability to Speak with the Dead may be utilized.

Zartek is a tiny, but it seems that Kech Sharaat forces regularly visit it for resupply. A Kech Sharaat team left from here three weeks ago to the local tomb and has not been seen since. Glint showed initiative in attaining this information through seduction.

Party continues to tomb, entering cavern system above it. Within the entryway a large Kech Sharaat force of mercenaries is surprised and dispatched. Underground waterfall reveals Kech Volar corpse, killer unknown. Further into the tomb is an ancient Warforged research lab, possibly Cannith. Prototype warforged attack and are dispatched. Prototypes lack internal power units, were connected to central unit. Retrieval and study is advised. Gustavus reveals Haruun persona during this battle, claims to be enraged by treatment of Kech Volar corpse.



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