Gustavus and Friends

S14 - Pay Delay

[Glindy’s Notes]

Pantzers return to Sharn, and are summoned to meet with Captain Kalaes.

The good Captain pays out the bounty on Demise’s head, but points out that their original mission is far from done: the Kech Sharaat have only grown stronger relative to the Kech Volaar, and the Crown, despite its wishes, is still in the hands of the party and not the Wordbearers. Paint Capt K as a faithless task-master, or as a straight-laced penny-pinching drill sergeant?

The Pantzers spend two months getting their compound in order, expanding and filling it. A new neighbor moves in downstairs, a strange purple skinned gnome with glowing blue eyes. He introduces himself and is promptly recruited by Gustavus. No sooner is the ink dry on his membership form than a Kech Sharaat strike team appears by balloon and through the adjoining buildings by the compound.

The Pantzers knock nearly all the goblins off the complex and down several stories, and then finish off those foolish enough to return to the fight. This scene needs embellishment, perhaps double the reported number of enemies and say it was raining.

[In between the PCs also do a bit of shopping, and level to 7.]



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