Gustavus and Friends

Prince for a day

The following happens immediately after the crown is reassembled:

Grovaan passes the crown each person in the party, ending with Gustavus. As Gustavus talks with the crown he begins to turn pale. He looks a little sick and wisps of steam begin to rise from his skin. He trembles, and falls against the statue of four hobgoblins to support himself. The steam starts to form a cloud of mist about his slumped form as his skin begins to flush with color. Gustavus yells in pain, and the yell deepens into a throaty roar. A moment later the mist clears. Gustavus’ roguish good looks have been replaced with the body of a red-skinned hobgoblin!


Grovaan tries help the hobgoblin into a sitting position. “Gustavus! What has happened to you?”

The hobgoblin gingerly seats himself on the floor. He takes several deep breaths before replying in a rough voice. “Gustavus? No, I am Harun Shaarat, son of Lhesh Haruuk Shaarat’kor.”

Grovaan frowns at this. “Now is not the time for jokes Gustavus. Prince Harun was killed in Cyre during The Mourning. You dishonor his memory with such foolishness.”

Gustavus coughs out a final puff of mist before replying. “Attacked. Cursed. But not killed. I am Harun Shaarat. Here, upon my brow, I bear the marks of the razor crown tribe.” And indeed, there is a line of scars upon the hobgoblin’s forehead. This seems to impress Grovaan somewhat.

“But how did you get here? And what happened to Gustavus?”

Harun shakes his head. “I have dreamed of a man called Gustavus. It feels like I’ve been dreaming ever since that cloud attacked us in Cyre.” He looks at Grovaan and the rest of the party. “You. I’ve seen your faces in my dreams as well. And other goblins in tombs. Everything is hazy, hard to remember, but I’ve seen you. And I remember this room. I hate this room. Let’s get out of here.”

The party helps Harun to his feet, collects the corpse of Demise, and makes their way back to their apartment in Greyhome Tower. Glint and Grovaan grill Harun with questions, but he has few answers. He remembers a life before The Mourning. He claims to be the son of the king of Darguun. Harun remembers growing up in the palace of Khaar Mbar’ost (the Red House) in Rhukaan Draal, the capital of Darguun. He claims to have been sent with a raiding party into Cyre to capture supplies from a town across the border. He has no memories about events after The Mourning except vague images. He knows almost nothing about Gustavus. Since it’s been a rough day, and seeing that conversation isn’t providing much new information, the group decides to table the topic until the next day.

Gustavus wakes up his normal, human self. He has no idea who Harun Sharaat is and is rather insulted when the party calls him a hobgoblin. He insists that he only fainted from the excitement of holding the legendary Ashen Crown. Eventually he gets angry and leaves to go collect money for all the articles he’s been writing.


You won’t like Gustavus when he’s angry!

Prince for a day

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