Gustavus and Friends

Ashen Crown Completed!

The party has slain Demise and recovered all the pieces of the Ashen Crown. Congratulations! However, you had left the treacherous Tikulti unattended long enough for him to use his Dark Lantern escape skills to loose his bonds and slip away. Perhaps he will live long enough to realize his dream of becoming immortal after all.

The priest Olaakki and the inhabitants of the Cogs thank you for helping them rid their city of a dangerous group of necromancers. Olaakki says he will perform the necessary rites to ensure the souls of the zombified Morgrave students will be at peace.

Since Demise so kindly prepared everything needed to perform the rite of Arkantaash and restore the crown, Lantash completes the ritual. Grovaan assists by chanting a history of the great deeds performed by the heroes of Dhakaan. Lantash combines Lurtaan’s Cord, Ashurta’s Blade, Zaarani’s Solitaire and Murkoorak’s Orb with Karruuk’s Circlet to form Arkantaash, the legendary Ashen Crown!

Grovaan reverently picks up the crown from its place within the circle. He admires it with an expression of awe and surprise. “Listen,” he says, “Arkantaash speaks! Can you not hear? … I see. You must be in contact with the crown to hear its voice. It wishes to know who has sought the pieces and reassembled the crown. I am Grovaan Guzuurtor, a seeker, of the Kech Volaar tribe. My companions and I have searched far and faced many dangers to recover this lost artifact of Dhakaan. The others from my tribe that accompanied me on my quest were deceived and betrayed by a shape-changing necromancer. We were forced to fight them after the necromancer transformed them into foul zombies.”
Grovaan passes the crown to each of you in turn so you can introduce yourself and tell your own tale of heroism.

The crown is an artifact that was created to chronicle the history of its owners. It was used first by the ancient elves, then the Dhakaani goblins. Kings consulted with the crown when they were in need of advice, and used its power over the dead to gain knowledge that was lost to time. You can check out it’s stats in the Items section of the wiki.

Grovaan is anxious to return the crown to his superiors in Darguun. However, the crown is presently concerned with learning about the heroes who reassembled it and what has happened to the Empire of Dhakaan. Grovaan is willing to let the crown remain with the party for a time until it has chronicled your stories.



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