Gustavus and Friends

A chat with dead kings

Here are some of the things the ghosts of kings said in the tomb beneath the Warforged research facility:

You hold your offering up to the mirror. You can see the image of the hobgoblin take the item from your reflection’s hands, and the item vanishes.
“I am emperor Farak Char. I led the Dhakaani empire to its height of prosperity. Those that ruled after me grew complacent and squandered that wealth. Our people had forgotten their strength of production when the foulspawn invaded.”

The armored king appears once again in the bronze mirror. “I am warlord Gutaak Sharaatkor. I led the armies of Dhakaan to victory against the elven invaders. Despite my strength in battle, it was a lover’s betrayal that ended my reign.”

(Upon being convinced by the party that they should be given the treasure to help the modern goblin kingdom):
“I am Emperor Haavul Dioraak I, Uniter of Clans. I negotiated a lasting truce between the warring goblin clans and grew that truce an empire. My empire stood until the people of Dhakaan forsook our bonds of unity and sought only personal preservation.”

(Upon hearing the party’s answer to how Dhakaan should have handled the Dael’kyr invasion):
“Such was the question put to the last emperors of Dhakaan. Their answer was to attack the enemy as one would put down a petty uprising. Their forces were unprepared for the madness spread by the Dael’kyr. I am Emperor Bashaan Volaaruun, the Voice of the Past. May my people’s history bring you wisdom.”

(After the orb has been activated and one of the party sacrificed):
The hobgoblin in black nods when you return. “It is done. I am emperor Haakart Keshur, the Silencer of Opposition. By doing what was necessary, my family line maintained the strength of the empire even while beset by foes from within and without.”



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